2021: the End of the Email Marketing Era? (Not a chance!)

For more than three decades, email marketing has been one of the most powerful tools for advertising businesses, companies, and campaigns. With the appearance of other types of strategies (and cutting edge web resources), many believed its importance would be minimized; however, this was not the case: email marketing has always remained current and has even […]


Growth hacking

GROWTH HACKING FUNNELS Growth Hackers VS Traditional Marketers. Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic areas, and this requires constantly be experimenting and following advancements in technology. In the following article, we will see what is Growth Hacking and how can growth hackers help to grow your business. ¿What is Growth Hacking? No, it’s […]

Case Studies

Case Studies: Grey

01 Who is Grey? Who is Grey? Handcrafted Lingerie Brand with regular customers who came by word of mouth. Grey do uniques wars for womens. 02 Objectives Scale Grey Digital Marketing Strategy and direct to consumer business while the core team focuses on operations, branding, and manufacturing. 03 Our Approach We developed a new eCommerce […]