Growth Hackers VS Traditional Marketers.

Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic areas, and this requires constantly be experimenting and following advancements in technology. In the following article, we will see what is Growth Hacking and how can growth hackers help to grow your business.

¿What is Growth Hacking?

No, it’s not related to hacking you can see in a movie. Sean Ellis coined this concept in 2010 to describe the methods he uses to accelerate growth. It is defined by combining every plan, initiative, strategy, or metric that drives growth for an organization.

The big difference between traditional marketers and Growth hackers is that the second one is only interested in one thing: GROWTH. As marketers are concerned about many other things, a growth agency will only focus on creating shortcuts and growth strategies.

Distribution and Growth Hacking Funnel

Distribution channels are being redrawn all the time, and those who understand people’s movement online will have control over where they end up. Using their knowledge of product and distribution, growth Hackers find ingenious, technology-based shortcuts for growth that sometimes push the bounds of what is expected or advised.

Growth hacking shows us a trend that will infiltrate more than the marketing department. 


Sofia Blanzaco

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