Marketing Growth Stories

Discover real growth marketing cases of success of some SB8 Group’s clients.

Learn more about the results they have achieved thanks to SB8 marketing strategies at sales, leads, visits and branding levels, among others. You will also find out: how the plan was defined, how it was implemented, what challenges and obstacles we have encountered,  and how we have solved them.



Our objective was to Scale Grey Digital Marketing Strategy and direct it to the consumer, while the core team focused on operations, branding and manufacturing.

Sales Increase

SanBaires Bakery

SanBaires is a Local Bakery. The business had no social media or online store, so it just sold locally. This startup was looking forward to breaking into the online market.

Increase Sales

Eclipse Group USA

Eclipse is a Miami-based startup offering a patented and innovative system for bird-aircraft collision prevention. Our challenge was to build a B2G Funnel to attract customers.

Increase B2G Leads


Niso is an American fintech that provides tools and financial advice to the MCA Industry. Our challenge was to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy from scratch.

Leads Generated

FastForward Trading

FastForward is a Soft Landing for Latam Companies and Entrepreneurs in the US Market. We have developed B2B strategies with PPC, bringing excellent results.


Pimp My Dog

Pimp My Dog is a new Grooming Supplies Distributor. We have developed an online store and digital media channels to find B2B and B2C searches.

Increase Traffic

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