01. Case Studies: Eclipse Group

Eclipse is a Miami-based startup that develop an patented an innovative system for bird-aircraft collision prevention. They have been selected as one of the most 100 innovative startups by Emerge Americas in 2019. Our Challenge was to build a B2G Funnel to attract customers. The Aviation Industry is a particular nich, so we decide to have a different approach as a normal B2B industry.

02. Working Process

We Decided to build a community of aviation experts, and from the beggining we build the blog airportbirdcontrol.com/blog. This have the objective of growing the Brand Eclipse as one of the authorized voices in Bird control at airports. We do a strong organic campaign using Linkedin as the base, doing interviews to Aviation Specialist, and adding industry related publications to the blog. In the other hand, we generate a lead magnet using landing pages and Marketing automation from aviation authorities databases to grew the customers.

03. Perfect Result

Implementing SEO strategies help you to rank higher on the search engine’s results page (SERP). This means that when your target customers search for products and services that your industry offers, they are likely to find your website.  Eclipse now is a referent on aviation matters. Also, the lead magnet generation bring 170% more B2G Leads and continue growing.