Case Studies: SanBaires Bakery

SanBaires is a startup based in Buenos Aires dedicated to the manufacture of bakery food. The business had no social media or online store but sold in its city.This startup was looking to break into the online market. SB8 was tasked with the challenge of introducing them, creating the website, and growing their brand community.

02. Our Approach

SanBaires is a startup accelerated by SB8Group. We built an eCommerce and designed a Growth Plan based on building the community, attracting the first customers with social media campaigns with our plan SB8 SocialWe also built an integrated  dashboard 100% lean oriented with real-time data to make our way to Product Market Fit by mid 2020.

03. Perfect Result

After only one week of intense work we accelerate SanBaires from 0 followers to 350. After one month they boost sales for 350%Launch new and innovate Ecommerce plataform, and we are following the work. Simple, they bake we sell.